Let's Do This!


Natalie is an Entrepreneur, Brand Expert and Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs.

She took a creative sabbatical from her design career of 15+ years, where she got bit by the entrepreneurial bug.

(Lucky for her, it wasn't that other type of bug.)

Hundreds of books, articles, podcasts and several online business courses later, she's excited to share her collective knowledge with other passionate service-based business owners who would love to gain some traction in their business, but might not have a couple of years to catch up! (Who does?)

Her clients have a serious drive to serve others, but are feeling overwhelmed and  frustrated by the endless options out there when it comes to building their business. 

This can make deciding which way to direct their energy or attention first very challenging! 

She helps them get crystal clear so they can narrow down and focus on the next best steps, and holds them accountable to do so.

She also helps them apply simple, yet effective business and marketing strategies (including developing a business mindset) that will catapult their business forward.

Not only does she help her clients grow and market their business in a sustainable way,  she provides support for all the limiting beliefs keeping them stuck.

If this sounds like you,
and you'd like some tailored support with your business, let's chat!