Client & Co-Worker Love

When looking to hire someone to manage the design team at Crosley, I was looking for several key attributes: keen eye for good design, great leadership / management philosophy, detail oriented, excellent project management skills, and, most importantly, a strong business acumen / entrepreneurial spirit.

Luckily, Natalie’s resume came across my desk. Phew! Natalie is open minded, takes feedback well, and is very proactive which makes my job as a manager a breeze.

She’s creative, yes, but most importantly, she understands that at the end of the day this is a business. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.
— Jason Menard, Marketing Director, Crosley Brands

Natalie and I worked together for 5 years. She’s a talented designer, an excellent photographer, a strategic thinker and an all-around pro.
— Craig Fairfield, VP at Mightily

I enjoyed my time working with Natalie as she served as creative lead for the Wax Louisville office. She has a great personality, professional motivation, and creative perspective. Natalie excels in managing diverse multimedia workloads while collaborating successfully with others. Natalie would be an asset as well as a favorite among clients!
— Nancy G., Associate Art Director at Books-a-Million